Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cosseting Colors

Colours are radiant and charismatic...thats why are celebrated with vibrant festival of Holi...Emerged from mythology to modern day fun...this festival has importance than none..colours are powerful and personified signifying various expression of our lives...so this time i m playing Holi nt only for fun...but with determination to bring a character spun ;)..this Holi
Submerge urself in the colour RED to rejuvenate love n compassion
Indulge in colour YELLOW to provoke wisdom and happiness...
Mix in colour GREEN to add meaning to life and life forms...
Dip in colour BLUE to bring peace n spirituality...
Engross in colour PURPLE to raise the royalty in u..
Plunge in colour ORANGE to ruffle vitality and endurance...
Soak in the colour WHITE to purify and cleanse..
Immerse in BLACK to outcast the outer world in dive in urs..
Cheers to colours n life:)

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