Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fast and Frozen

This is another defination of this hi-tech, fast paced, inglorious life....FAST coz its just running and running all across the dimensions...all the time . FROZEN not only for the frozen meals but also for the frozen emotions....imagine the time which has come which is so hypersonic that even if we try catching up ....we just loose it! Can't believe that ppl have no time for eating fresh they rather prefer eating frozen or ready eat...plssssssss u earn and live for eating...don't do this to ur self....come on ! It's a crazy world out there...although I belong to this generation still I m sad to agree that yaa this is an age to overpass, preclude,void all meaning the same ...missing out to something who is ur family and U ....for which it all started ....I dunno how they survive with an overriding attitude and never ending demands....I don't understand the conclusion if the purpose is not met....just rushing...and managing to eat....and feeling sorry for have not been able to spend time with ur loved ones far will this fast and frozen life go....wen will people have time to eat and be merry ....actually we humans have the tendencies to testing our upper stretch ourselves to the greatest horizons and going out of way to achieve or prove the point ...earn money for frozen food or nil relations...empty health or loosing self..?

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