Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Virtual Vanity

Do you remember , when was the last time we were human beings far away from our virtual projection(projection indeed). Virtual being is preferred for a number of reasons in my opinion:
Firstly, because we like living in the projection, somewhere,it is that ideal which we seek in ourselves day in and out.

Secondly, because it takes you far away from the daily tribulations into a world of our imagination and dreams.

Thirdly and importantly because of the ease of use (thanks to the Smartphone technology). Your friends and loved ones are with you invariably 24*7.

Have you ever kept a track of how many places you log in with your account, what events your account shares, what sites are using your email id e.t.c. We are so virtually exposed and engaged that we hardly realize to talk to people around, instead slot in with what’s app and FB. Recently Fb had come with “your life story” and people who are no-where near your zone are suddenly interested in that so called look Back.
I am sure that most of us have people in our friends list with whom we didn’t even speak once when they were around!  Gradually and  this virtual presence is now becoming so important and a must have for everyone. Instagram, twitter, pintrest, vingle are like social icons for the youngsters. Not even them even these but the celebrities, politicians, entreprenuers, and sportsperson too have made these a medium to connect with the mango people
Facebook is like a bulletin board, instagram a photo album, twitter an announcement platform ,pintrest like a craft manifestation, youtube like a tv channel. And now you read the above lines again without the apps name, you would be forced to think that until few years back those were the activities which served as ways to spend time with family and friends.
All this aside even the Indian passport department has proposed to release e-passports for the citizens of india from the next year..life is becoming so digitalised and far away from the real relationships.
Being in touch is always the good part of these social mediums but if that being in touch with far away people distants you with people around you, then technology has byfar taken the notch above relationships,  where eye to smartphone contact is much preferable than eye to eye contact. Balance the technology tactfully, rejoice both virtual and  actual presence of self, so that you don't regret the time lost in future.

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