Saturday, January 2, 2016

To moon and back

There are so many feelings which rush into my mind
Thinking about the ever changing life and about so much left behind
Its like the waves who want to run away to the beach but still merge in the sea
The way you want become someone else but you cannot be
The moon helps the wave to stay sorted as an anchor all the time
Wish had a anchor like moon too on my side
Pulling me back when it is over the top and pushing me in front when it is required
Guiding me through the world full of uncertainties,maintaining my stride
How wonderful the world would have been if each one of us have our own moon to guide
Defining us our type , establishing a kind.
Freedom of thought is all what we seek and in the process we loose our tide
Hold on to the people precious...moments memorable and vulnerable values
These are your inheritance ,they will always stay by your side.

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