Saturday, January 2, 2016

Labelling the Intentions

Oh how i wish if God had this technology of our times at the creation stage so that he could have fitted us all with a small LED chip on the forehead mentioning the intention in the head!
Imagine the small LED strip to flash the intention you have in your mind when you speak to anyone...everything would have been transparent and clear with no grudges and expectations!
Intentions are so easily misjudged sometimes they are too much over the top and sometimes are stingrays..and sometimes you just make fool of yourself with all the varied notions in ur mind.
Sometimes because of these intentions the whole equation for example the people you know from the longest time cannot connect to you but sometimes the recent relationships click so well. The genuineness is hard to find in these misprojected intentions.
Devoid of this LED strip we can only hope to go by our heart and our deep instinct in a relationship and that might keep us away from all the fake and destructive intentions!

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