Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Being Mum of 2 boys

If given a chance of another life would you choose the same life like this?? I'll say no not at all, except some reservations and particularity i am ready to keep it all!
To sail with 2 kids on a boat even the quietest of the sea becomes the roughest of all and with both of them being boys adds the cherry on the cake. There is  a sudden total paradigm shift in your moods as well as your lifestyle with 2 of them by your side.
The sun rises up earlier and sets so late that a 6 hours sleep is a rare phenomenon. You have to get up when they get up and take power cat naps in between to compensate the night sleep. You cannot eat lunch later than 12 because the younger one   has to catch up with his  infant sleep...You can't dine out later than 7 in the night because the elder one has to catch up the sleep for to reach school on time tommorow.
Staying a country where summers reach a mark of 55 degrees and winter see a temperature as minimum of 2 degrees,technically you are stuck at home major time of the year..winters are no longer my favourite because with winters comes a tension of the kids falling sick and even if one of them falls sick, then it goes into the loop with each one of them. Summers are equally harsh with nothing outdoor and passing the time of the kiddos at home.
Its been a while i have slept a continous 6 hours sleep...enjoyed even a single meal...watched a movie in theatre...gone for shopping alone without a baggage...out on lunch date with friends...gone for holidays and even my favourite hobby of craft and writing has taken a back seat ,still i am glad about it at the end of the day thinking that how the chaos of this day has gotten  over,i am learning everyday equipping my self with the art of feeding solids (whether it be singing,playing,cruising)to my one  year old at the same time handling the tantrums and disciplining my 4 year old .
So much on my list with this beginning of a new year from loosing the baby belly,meditation , weaning, potty training and so on  lets see how far we reach, in this new year...for now i am just looking forward to being a  better Mommy..and there is absolutely nothing in the world i wanna trade for this mommy life!

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