Friday, February 5, 2016

Parenting's Archetype

The many manifestation we infuse in our parenting style , we still fall short to achieve the impeccable one!
Of all the parenting styles we have been seeing through the years.We as young and new parents pick up an al-a-carte of the parenting,learning largely from our own parents and choosing up the best bits from our neighbourhood,discarding the dont's and inculcating the do's to achieve a favourable parenting package.Its a mammoth task ,and discretionary too! Some are too particular and the others are desultory but still everyone is judgemental about it.
But the fact remains that you learn everyday in everyway either from your own mistakes or observing the others. Then you realise there is nothing called an 'Archetype' in parenting. Its a lifestyle you opt atleast till the 20 year project ends!One of the yogic leaders  recently said that having kids is a 20 yr project, thats true too but as Indians we just keep pulling the strings until we can,because we are scared to let go off.
As a helicopter mom hovering over the kids for almost everything starting from implanting a morning ritual in kids to making them thanking God in the night before they sleep, all this to shape them up to make them what we are not today but could have been!
Parenting is indeed tricky and it grows with the stages...with a preschooler and baby-cum-toddler ,i have realised that only one way is not "the" have to hit and miss and again hit and miss and finally you catch up with the formula.
Parenting is a practice...which makes you better with time like a wine,sometimes you have to deal with it even when you have no energy  to think about it, and sometimes it just flows with the criterion of being yourself.
An archetype is difficult to construct as you are restrained with people around to  judge...the world around whose moving so fast...the technology around which is so demanding ....a nuclear household which entirely depends on you...a career which has been waiting for a while getting distant everytime you look at kids with an atomic absorption rate..grandparents( a great source of learning )and grandchildren so far apart that only meet once or twice a year.Basically the 2 kiddos are only on disposal of their Mom and Dad for the wisdom of life..which is unfair on the parenting part!
And by the way for the parenting package i have chosen is so far so good with the way i have learnt to relax a bit, imbibe a bit..take it slowly one bit at a time...enjoy your young motherhood and try to shape them the best you can without setting the archetype...just let them follow their heart, urge them to be grounded , imbue them with humbleness and never let them forget their roots...all the best guys and make your own archetype...Happy parenting!

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