Monday, February 29, 2016

Wanted ----- "Compassion"

Sometimes while crossing a particular street or even our neighborhood beach I cease to understand the kind of inequality our world faces, why there are no equal parameters to live in this world. The rich become more rich and the poor more poorer. They say to stabalise the economy we want both kind of sections in the society but what kind of stabalisation are we talking about when the treatment towards humanity is totally unfair. Last weekend I happen to visit a beach nearby which happens to be beautiful otherwise was fully covered with the layer of filth including plastics...wrappers...bottles and what not. After looking at the whole place I was wondering what will be the plight of the cleaners will be who clean the whole beach everyday, being a rich country they can afford to have lot of Asian crowd to work for them in a very reasonable prices; still its so unfair to them what kind of social behavior is that where one person attains a position of such a strata that he doesn't thinks twice before messing the place up and not only that what happened to our so called environment friendly approach? What about all the remarks and comments people debate for on global warming! It really melts down my heart to see that there are people who don't even get one meal per day and then there are people who just waste the whole feast away, although there are lot of programs which are now channelizing the food being wasted to the needy. But do you thing that only a chunk of people can achieve the task? When the humankind started everything revolved around food from hunting to inventing fire, then later it was said that all the wealth is finally needed to for eating a times meal, but as a human being we evolved and evolved and then we reached another level where food is still the bare minimum but the focus has shifted from how to earn the meal ; to how to strike a deal. I wish we became more considerate and compassionate to our fellowkind,hold a little more responsibility towards environment and instead of making a big deal out of pity things in our surroundings lets take a bit more charge of how can we contribute more in making others life better keeping this planet in consideration and atleast not for granted! Pic Source: Tumbler

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