Thursday, March 24, 2016

Handling the Mom's factor

While writing this I am somehow managing to play Snakes and Ladders with my 4.5 year old as well as with my 1 year who is pulling my hair with all the force he could...I decided to write on being a multitasking mother.. Sometimes I wish I had atleast 6 flexible hands instead of 2 fixed ones to handle the pressure called for, in that case I could write with my two hands and the other two can cook and the rest 2 could take the tantrums of these kids..but lesser that we know what we are capable of suddenly comes in the light with Parenting.
Okay I am a stay at home Mom.. and I chose it, taking care of my kids and subsiding my career, don't be judgmental about it as I can do more things of my interest like blogging, baking, reading and ofcourse the daily chores comes a kid my Mom never thought that I would be a good indian wife because I really sucked at cooking, I hated all clothes related chores and on top of that i was in hostel for fairly more amount of time than at my home. But with time my interest flaired and thanks to motherhood to fill in the gaps.. Then and now I came a long way learning to handle so much in so less.
There are so many days when the day seems so long and tough ,then there are other days when the hugs and kisses make the day shorter...having 2 boys under one roof with one of them being a naughty toddler I sometimes ran out of ideas to make them happy as well as to keep my interests intact with the energy draining out.
I am adviced a lot of times to hire Nannys. ..cooks...full time maid..but somehow I fail to keep up with the idea.Being SAHM is difficult and it really takes everything out of you starting from your day's piece of mind to your night's sound sleep! Frankly you just lose it everyday for a while but the rest of the time, just makes up for it😊
All the stay at home Mom's don't loose are doing the best 24*7 job in the world but in the midst don't forget yourself and keep following your passion...whether it is tiniest of will soon become a place of vent out and a change!A place u will feel rejuvenated and happy about.

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