Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The ecstasy called "Shopping"

OMG..I was coveting to write bout shopping...
Personally there's only one thing i do with full zest and that is "Shopping"
This addiction is also termed as Oniomania...
I recently watched a movie called confessions of a shopaholic..
I loved the flick..the way they have shown the mindset of a shopaholic
How when the actor passes by the store, the mannequin urges her to buy.
But it actually happens..the same way..uncontrollable
Later in the movie.. the guru who helps in reducing the shopping suggests
Whenever you wanna buy any stuff ..just ask yourself --" do u need it "
So i tried this onetime ...and first the answer came no..but then it came ..may be not ..i don't have the same colour...
The pleasure of having the possession post purchase is divine
That feeling of ownership fills your heart with so much of content
Shopping also overcomes the mood swings...
I am telling you ..whoever doen't enjoy shopping is missing one of the good things in life..
The colours..textures..just woo your heart away..into an another world..
I may be speaking french for some but for others who understand what i am saying this will surely click :)))

1 comment:

  1. Just as my latest Facebook line goes: 'buy what you need not what you want', your post is so pro-shopping. The fact is 8 out 10 of us end of buying things we always crave for, than putting our brains into it. And it should be this way, atleast I believe so. Just let the shopping flow. Your description of post-shopping feeling is awesome.

    P.S. Never came across the term "Oniomania", good to learn it. Thanks.