Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Practical or Emotional?

For all the people who are emotional fools like me..gonna like this
For someone who is practical and logical all this is meaningless..still there is no harm reading..
I wonder how one can be so logical and practical ...
That all the emotions just doesn't reach em'
I think they just create a world based on logic and close all the gates entering that that they can't think above and beyond it...
Likewise even emotional people like me also build a world full of emotions and feelings...and the worst part is we open the gates for that they come and shatter it..
A lot of times we encounter people who plot against us, harm us,hurt us...
Logic driven robots (i'll call them) remain untouched
Emotions driven fools injure their hearts gravely ...
Sometimes i feel being logical is the right approach towards life it is harmless...planned...with set rules
The other times I firmly believe that rather living with rules and indifferent is better to
Atleast speaking out the emotions is better than reserving it or not speaking it at all ...
So that we don't end up in repenting solitude...for those unspoken emotions..
Balancing both might be a way out..lets c i am gonna try that !

1 comment:

  1. i can very well relate myself with this is better to feel happy and sad at times rather than being emotionless all time.