Monday, September 6, 2010

Money plant..

As i was watering my money plant in my balcony the other day..I realised that it can be cut and put in a glass filled with water too...So i put two budding portions into two glass bottles...they did really well..To my surprise i realise it teaches us so much being an indoor bonsai

- If it is rooted well it will continue to grow well...
- It thrives in bare minimum..
- Can grow in soil, water,with or witout moss in any condition ...
- Just support it with anything to achieve any length will
- Everytime the new bud shoots up ,is not suppresed by the older ones ..rather the older one gives the newer one support to climb
-Sky is the limit it continues to grow..with normal sunlight and monthly water change
- Adaptation from soil to water or vice versa..It survives
- Jade green appearance adds freshness and beautifies the house ..likewise the world

It is such a unique plant...with abundance in much in itself that it inspires us --to cultivate Never say die spirit , To climb as high as possible , not to put down people around us , to be adaptive , to thrive in bare minimum and beautify the world and make it a better place to live

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