Monday, September 6, 2010

Feels stuck..and sticky

Do you ever feel ..stuck or sticky..
I am sure all of us feel that way every now and then..
Basically when things are going out of control or what we wish does not happen
Everything seems so clumsy..a single day seems like an year and we want to run away to peace
But where is peace if it is not within us...
The situation , person,expression, action which makes us feel stuck should be uprooted there and then
But since we are stuck sticks to us for life whether we like it or not
What I have realised that it is only the mind which plays all the games
Sometimes fills us with utter happiness and sometimes with deep sorrows
Sometimes makes us comfortable and sometimes sticky
At once it wants to live the whole life like that, the other time it wants to have space.
Though everything has its P's and Q's ..we cannot forget the lovely times for those sticky ones..
All what we can do is ..whenever those sticky ones arrive ..think about the lovely ones which will be coming after those..:)


  1. I really liked the under-current of the entire write-up. It has got positivity and the 'push' one requires to come out of those sticky & stuck-y situations in life.