Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The ecstasy called "Shopping"

OMG..I was coveting to write bout shopping...
Personally there's only one thing i do with full zest and that is "Shopping"
This addiction is also termed as Oniomania...
I recently watched a movie called confessions of a shopaholic..
I loved the flick..the way they have shown the mindset of a shopaholic
How when the actor passes by the store, the mannequin urges her to buy.
But it actually happens..the same way..uncontrollable
Later in the movie.. the guru who helps in reducing the shopping suggests
Whenever you wanna buy any stuff ..just ask yourself --" do u need it "
So i tried this onetime ...and first the answer came no..but then it came ..may be not ..i don't have the same colour...
The pleasure of having the possession post purchase is divine
That feeling of ownership fills your heart with so much of content
Shopping also overcomes the mood swings...
I am telling you ..whoever doen't enjoy shopping is missing one of the good things in life..
The colours..textures..just woo your heart away..into an another world..
I may be speaking french for some but for others who understand what i am saying this will surely click :)))

Practical or Emotional?

For all the people who are emotional fools like me..gonna like this
For someone who is practical and logical all this is meaningless..still there is no harm reading..
I wonder how one can be so logical and practical ...
That all the emotions just doesn't reach em'
I think they just create a world based on logic and close all the gates entering that that they can't think above and beyond it...
Likewise even emotional people like me also build a world full of emotions and feelings...and the worst part is we open the gates for that they come and shatter it..
A lot of times we encounter people who plot against us, harm us,hurt us...
Logic driven robots (i'll call them) remain untouched
Emotions driven fools injure their hearts gravely ...
Sometimes i feel being logical is the right approach towards life it is harmless...planned...with set rules
The other times I firmly believe that rather living with rules and indifferent is better to
Atleast speaking out the emotions is better than reserving it or not speaking it at all ...
So that we don't end up in repenting solitude...for those unspoken emotions..
Balancing both might be a way out..lets c i am gonna try that !

Monday, September 6, 2010

Feels stuck..and sticky

Do you ever feel ..stuck or sticky..
I am sure all of us feel that way every now and then..
Basically when things are going out of control or what we wish does not happen
Everything seems so clumsy..a single day seems like an year and we want to run away to peace
But where is peace if it is not within us...
The situation , person,expression, action which makes us feel stuck should be uprooted there and then
But since we are stuck sticks to us for life whether we like it or not
What I have realised that it is only the mind which plays all the games
Sometimes fills us with utter happiness and sometimes with deep sorrows
Sometimes makes us comfortable and sometimes sticky
At once it wants to live the whole life like that, the other time it wants to have space.
Though everything has its P's and Q's ..we cannot forget the lovely times for those sticky ones..
All what we can do is ..whenever those sticky ones arrive ..think about the lovely ones which will be coming after those..:)

Art of Love

Love is such a lively feeling...
It tempts to live all over again..
Those dreamy eyes...those bouncy steps
That sly smile...after waking up in the morning
The long chats in the night..
Knitting dreams like fantasy
That longing to
The planned dates and surprise gifts
The soul gripping possesiveness
The pounding heart saying I love you..
Finding reasons for a single sight
Losing mind ...thinking bout love
It is incredible to fall in love with a person
But it is fortuity to fall in love again and again with the same person everyday...
I think i am fortunate enough!

Money plant..

As i was watering my money plant in my balcony the other day..I realised that it can be cut and put in a glass filled with water too...So i put two budding portions into two glass bottles...they did really well..To my surprise i realise it teaches us so much being an indoor bonsai

- If it is rooted well it will continue to grow well...
- It thrives in bare minimum..
- Can grow in soil, water,with or witout moss in any condition ...
- Just support it with anything to achieve any length will
- Everytime the new bud shoots up ,is not suppresed by the older ones ..rather the older one gives the newer one support to climb
-Sky is the limit it continues to grow..with normal sunlight and monthly water change
- Adaptation from soil to water or vice versa..It survives
- Jade green appearance adds freshness and beautifies the house ..likewise the world

It is such a unique plant...with abundance in much in itself that it inspires us --to cultivate Never say die spirit , To climb as high as possible , not to put down people around us , to be adaptive , to thrive in bare minimum and beautify the world and make it a better place to live