Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fistful people

I was trying to write on this since last may...but then instead I chose to observe before writing...a lot has been changed since then but my initial thought on this topic stays safe....u really have fistful people in life to rely...but the fists can change too!!! I hope it's implied....if we ask ourselves how many ppl do we have to cry get angry do crazy things shout miss and we will realise not even a fistful...unfortunate yet true...wish God must have trained humans to survive thru this but...our mind...memory and heart are all so squeezed that however much we try we can't please more than fistful people at a time.... Blame game is on ..on both the sides but its the limitation and not characteristics which rules out the ambiguity of the whole scenario...these ppl r u diehard fans...ur real time heroes...ur ferocious enemies and ur best critic becomes beautiful with them...these fistfuls are ur strength and u proudly own them...just try and hold on to them tight....and dnt waste anytime to tell them what they are to u....just express the most coz relationship are like sand ...if u don't hold it tight it just slips away from ur fist....So
Be grateful
Care a lot

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