Monday, May 20, 2013

Completed 8 at planet Kuwait;)

Planet? has all the characteristics of a planet!
Generally we say time flies...i wish i could have said the same thing for this place too...
U might be curious why? Coz i m without a car n u r im mobile without a car m mostly at home...(writing this)
The culture...the people although are totally different yet enticing..
The glitterati and the flashiness of the country continues from the highest to the minutest levels...
From a diamond embedded car door handles to diamond embedded iphone back covers..
I was amazed with the choice of clothes and how much u can pile one on another while wearing...
Eyes are the sight taken by...the phrase which says eyes is the mirror of the beauty...stand true here...
The desert and the sea...make it stand apart....the controversial nature of the two gives the country the strength it requires..
The noisy beach gives u so much peace at heart and the silent desert forces to self quest..
M nt forgetting the biggest sequences fireworks...which the government bombed their money on was vibrant n worth watching..
The food n delicacies are yummy although the name of the dishes sounds a little weird...shieshas are the favourite pass time...u'll find many joints..
Shopping is THE WORD....from traditional souqs to our dear avenues(mall)
U will find everything here from everywhere in the world...any brand, u name it u have it!
All in all its an experience in itself...the culture is rich and their dedication to pray is in unwavering..
But out of all these factor my biggest factor to stay here is my sibling of course....i m lucky enough to share the same city as hers..thanks to a lot of people who made us so comfortable and at ease...
So completed 8  months at planet q8 and many more to go...lets see how it goes...have to see a lot more sides of this magnificent city. Stay tuned!!!

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